Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Yep, It Was The Wrong Transplant

So I call the transplant coordinator at the health insurance company and explain my confusion for the type of transplant that they had written me to tell me I was approved. She said that she really didn't get it, either. The letter to the patients come from another department and that all of her records state I will receive a stem cell transplant. She also explained that if the transplant center had any questions, I could just have them call her.

I then explained that at this point in the comedy of errors that this experience has been, I would like a new letter stating the correct transplant type I would receive. Despite her reassurances that all her paperwork refers to the correct one and I didn't really need a letter, I told her that I would need to insist on this "detail".

The whole thing just conjurs up the images of when operations are performed on the wrong part of the body. I am starting to uderstand a bit more of how that can happen.....

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