Friday, January 23, 2009

Caregiver Update

I wrote in earlier entries regarding the fact that I must have a caregiver with me the entire time I am in seattle except for the first two weeks, consisting of tests and meetings. The total time I need coverage is approximately 110 days. That's a long time!

After getting the housing arranged, we started putting together my caregiver coverage calendar. There are specific times that they want Craig there. These time frames are more critical and the spouse is the preferred caregiver. Then there's a whole bunch of other time. I am incredibly fortuante that my sister-in-law, Casey, has been granted a leave of absence from her work in Mexico and will be able to provide a month's caregiving.

Now I am left with two windows without coverage. These dates are roughly April 7 - April 13 and May 13 - May 22. Some of you have expressed an interest in the past in possibly helping out. Here's your chance! Should your schedule and life accomodate joining me in Seattle for a bang-up good time, here's your chance!

It is not a critical issue, as Craig can also cover these dates. However, we are hoping to have him here with the kids when it is feasible. It is also important that he be able to have some breaks.

So if anyone is interested, give me a call. Our numbers are posted at right (We have been having internet problems for about a week).

One way or another, thanks to Casey's generosity, I am ready to hand over my caregiver calendar and can rest more easily knowing that it has been taken care of.

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