Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fundraising Thermometer Removed

You may notice that I have removed the fundraising progress thermometer that has been a permanent fixture on my blog. I chose to do so for a number of reasons.

First, as I have begun using the funds for different expenses related to the transplant, I decided it would be seem negative to see the amount raised appear to decline when in fact it is simply a reflection of your generous donations in action. And let me tell you the panic I feel when I spend a dollar of it! I am particularly aware of how blessed I am to have to have the money as my resource.

Second, I really don't know anymore how much I am actually going to need, so a specific goal is impossible to determine. As you can read below, I have invested in a high risk insurance policy to help prevent a super hige bill coming home with me. While I know there will ultimately be many expenses that I will incur, I do not want to mislead anyone by stating a number I can no longer be sure of.

Humbly, I ask that if you still are ever able to donate, please do so. The "Donate" button will continue to work and the bank, Numerica, will continue to accept any donations sent. remember, it's "a Little From a Lot". Anything and everything helps.

I still am in awe of the incredible support I have received freom so many. Thank you for being a part of my success.

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