Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What The Kids Know

Many of you have asked what we have told the kids about my disease and the upcoming transplant. I share this with you hoping that you will reinforce the postive light we have tried to communicate our answers with.

As far as my having leukemia, we have explained that Mommy has some more "inside" germs, kind of like when Mommy had "inside" germs in her breasts. (Okay, admission. The boys call them "boobs".) These germs are in my blood. They can't get out and make anyone else sick, even if I get an owie. They can't catch them if I cough or sneeze.

They have been told about the words "cancer" and "leukemia" but we try to limit the use of these words as they are scary to them.

They know Mommy has been trying to raise money to go to the very special and very expensive doctor in Seattle. We've told them that we now have enough money to go and that the doctor will be calling very soon to tell me to come.

When they asked how the very expensive very special doctor is going to fix my blood, I told them that I am going to get new blood.

We have told them I will be gone for quite awhile and that Daddy will be gone alot too. So far they think this is pretty cool because they will get to stay at their friends' house.

They are not sure they want to come visit me. Unfortunately, these kids have already visited me in the hospital too many times. We've told them they would come when I am out of the hospital and working on getting well enough to come home. If a Seattle visit includes the zoo, they think they could do that.

We have not had any big talks about death. But since I was diagnosed and the topic of death has come up, I have tried to use those opportunities to talk about what our family's beliefs are. They simply are too young to "prepare" them for this possibility.

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