Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Visitors Policy

Many of you have asked me what the vistors policy will be while I am in Seattle. My first answer is that I am not totally sure. It is one my list of questions to ask when I arrive and I will post more then. But based on the information I have received it appears that it is essentially based on how I am doing and the chance of the visitors recent exposure to illness.

I do know that while I am in the hospital with literally no immune system, any visitors must go through a sterilization process (no, not the reproductive kind) before coming into my room. After engraftment and my body begins making its own blood cells again, I think the same rules apply but become less stringent as my body's defenses begin to grow.

I would genuinely love to see anyone who happens to be in Seattle while I am there. I guess I would just want to warn you that it may not be pretty. But if you are up to that, give my cell a call (the number is posted at right) and we'll see my current status. It's a long time to be away and in a bubble, so new faces and energy will most certainly be welcomed.

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