Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Within the whirlwind of planning Craig and I are in, we were also faced with the challenge of finding a housesitter for the time periods when both Craig and I are in Seattle. Not only is it ideal to have someone in the home during his absences, we also have two large dogs and a cat who need to be cared for. We also did not want to have all our mail forwarded. So we are extremeley grateful that Alex Brudnicki, our friend and neighbor, has agreed to move on in!

She will be getting our mail and forwarding it to us weekly and checking messages occasionally as well. Shortly I will put together a calendar post so that you will know, in summary, who will be where when. But it is a great relief to know that she will be here.

Sadly, I am under the belief that when I return our pets will have to be gone due to the risk to a number of illnesses that I would potentially be vulnerable to with a severely compromised imune system. This is also one of the first questions I will be asking when I arrive in Seattle.

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