Monday, January 17, 2011

A Belated Happy New Year's

Wow, what an inspiring post I left you with on New Year's Eve..... I do forget that others have much more normal and fun-filled lives than I. And that others actually sleep during normal sleep hours. So let me start by first wishing you all A Happy New Year, with my most sincere wishes for strength and improvement for all who are struggling, with anything in their lives, and a cheers to all who are enjoying more good days than bad. This balance, as we all know, is tough to achieve. But I have watched many of you work your rears off to see a better 2011. Let's hope the same can and will be said for us all.

I should also include in this first 2011 post some apology,as usual, in my lack and difficulty in communication. I have forgotten my phone (Freudian?) on several hospital stays. Then that phone gave up the ghost. My number and service was transferred before I retrieved texts and emails. And I have continued my bursts of emails followed by weeks of silence.

Our home phone essentially provides a place for the bill collectors to leave messages. And for a way for 911 to find us if one of the boys had to call and couldn't give directions. So this leaves rather few ways to reach us.

Now might be a good time for me to create the closest thing to a New Year's Resolution that I choose to make. I will set up the voicemail on my new phone. I will check messages and respond to texts. I will check email at least once a week. Forget the home phone.

I do promise to be more honest and more truthful. This may be more painful in many ways but in the end more preferable to sculpting half truths and lies. Thank you to those of you who have praised this choice. I have enjoyed hearing from you and your opinions. I need this freedom. And after all, you don't have to listen or read if you don't want to.

It's New Year's in Sally Land!