Thursday, June 18, 2009


Sally has wanted to update the blog but feeling tired. everybody is fine and just trying to adjust to a new lifestyle. She is doing good and will update soon.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Light at end of the tunnel

Hello All,

The boys have no idea that in a week, their mommy will be home!

Well the end is near. No matter what I say, don't tell the boys, we want to surprise them.

The last week has been interesting. Without us even knowing, Sally has been doing discharge tests, exams, and meetings. Don't ask how, but we never knew till yesterday. To sum it all up, the bone marrow results from last week are completely negative, which is good. That means there are no traces of the leukemia in her bone marrow and is considered in remission. They (SCCA) tests confirm that she is making male cells. Weird but cool.

During the meetings etc, the bloodwork shows no damage to the kidneys or liver etc. Blood counts look great and no signs of GVHD except for a small bit in the esophagus.

She is fighting a cold right now that is lingering and kicking her butt. She forgets she has new bone marrow, white blood cells, and an immune system of a 3 month old. Like most 3 months olds, they get sick alot....which should be fun to see her get frustrated over that. She is taking antibiotics and resting.

The stomach issues have drastically decreased since stopping the pain meds they had her junked up on. All narcotics slow gastric motility, (makes stomach empty slowly) and cause constipation---which in turns slows down the stomach. so eating a meal and letting it sit in the stomach for several hours was causing her pain.

Yesterday we found out her discharge date is June 10th. So again, we want to surprise the boys either on Thursday or Friday.

It has been a long, challenging, frustrating, interesting, and yet joyful journey. Those who have helped be a cargiver for Sally, visited Sally and/or I, watched the boys, picked up the boys for school and activities, allowed me to vent, sent cards, picked and dropped me off at airport, watched the house, fed the pets, mowed the yard, helped upgrade the house, allowed me time off work, let us borrow things for the apartment, supported us in any fashion needed, donated money for the journey, and gave love and prayers to our family, I want to say THANK YOU!. It was difficult to leave behind aspects of our lives that we love and need. But without all of you it could not have been done. THANK YOU again.

It will still take 6-9 months to get her full immune system and energy back to normal, but will take it day by day


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Nothing too new,.

Latest update is boring but good. Sally is still having some stomach issues with nausea. Slowly getting better. The doctors are trying a new medicine to help with stomach. She is still getting up at night with pain and nausea, but again is slowly getting better. she is starting her exit visits and tests. Everything is looking great in that regards. Go home date is still the weekend of the 13th of June.

I think she will improve greatly once out of the apartment and back home. Nothing helps more than being at home.

We are having busy days with lack of sleep and tests all day long. Sorry for the delay in updates. Keri and Jenny came over for the weekend and all 3 had a good time. I went home for the weekend and caught up on a few things and yes, snuck out fishing. I got more mosquito bites than fish bites.

Boys are doing great. John Paul has lost both of his front teeth after I left. So not sure if Misty is beating the kids or not. Just joking.

Will update in a few days after the final bone marrow results come back. Take care