Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Nothing too new,.

Latest update is boring but good. Sally is still having some stomach issues with nausea. Slowly getting better. The doctors are trying a new medicine to help with stomach. She is still getting up at night with pain and nausea, but again is slowly getting better. she is starting her exit visits and tests. Everything is looking great in that regards. Go home date is still the weekend of the 13th of June.

I think she will improve greatly once out of the apartment and back home. Nothing helps more than being at home.

We are having busy days with lack of sleep and tests all day long. Sorry for the delay in updates. Keri and Jenny came over for the weekend and all 3 had a good time. I went home for the weekend and caught up on a few things and yes, snuck out fishing. I got more mosquito bites than fish bites.

Boys are doing great. John Paul has lost both of his front teeth after I left. So not sure if Misty is beating the kids or not. Just joking.

Will update in a few days after the final bone marrow results come back. Take care


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