Wednesday, November 18, 2009

So True, So True

"I know God will not give me anything I can't handle. I just wish that He didn't trust me so much." ----Mother Teresa

The 1st Grade

It seems absolutely IMPOSSIBLE that John Paul is in 1st Grade this year! He continues at All Saints Catholic School and is extremely proud to be in a "grade". No more "letter classes", ie. P3, P4, or K. He is already counting years to high school, when he can play football, when he can go to Gonzaga......

Craig and I are incredibly proud of how well he is doing in school. With all that has gone on in his life, it's easy to worry that he will not meet his potential or perhaps will act out. His Progress Report and Report Card reflect that he is adjusting and finding his groove.

He has found a good fit with his teacher, Miss Vogel, again this year. His seat has been moved a few times....So I can definitely say he is enjoying his classmates! He misses some of his buddies that are in the other 1st grade classroom, but they seems adept at finding each other at recess or otherwise.

A special thank you to All Saints, who has helped and supported our family and continues to ensure that our boys receive the education we hoped for them. The teachers, staff, and families have been wonderful. We truly feel a part of the community.

The pics are from his first day.

P.S. He is finally getting one of his front teeth.....

"Just Thinking About Math"

I couldn't write about some of the many special people in my life without including a story about one of my boys. John Paul is turning seven (How did that happen?!) next month. He is quite the thinker. His questions and thirst for knowledge both entertain us and scare us.

One day a few weeks ago, John Paul and I were in the car. He was being rather quiet, which is also rather unusual. So I glance in the rearview mirror a couple of times. He is gazing out the window, deep in thought. Finally I ask him if everything is okay. Then I ask what he's thinking about. His reply: "Just thinking about math."

Okay. He was silent for the next twenty minutes.

So kudos to his teacher, Miss Vogel, who has apparently made math an exciting and engaging subject.

Just thinking about math. Oh, John Paul......

My Friend, Charyl

Okay, so I am behind. Again. As usual. As always.... I thought I would begin my catch-up by sharing a little about some special people in my life. Today, I will start with my friend, Charyl.

I wrote about her along time ago so the name may be familiar. Charyl is 93 years young. She is a church friend of my Aunt Marjorie and Uncle Jim in West Hills, CA. Charyl is a resident in a nursing home and embraces every activity offerred at full speed! In addition to bingo, parties, costume events (recently as Spider Woman), and visitors, she finds the time and desire to write me. About once a week. For over a year.

I have never met her. I have very definite mental pictures of her, as she writes (by typewriter) of her various activities. She sends words of wisdom, too, and often includes poems, authored by her or others. There is no doubt in my mind that Charyl's will could heal me itself!

Her unique, generous, and gracious friendship reminds me that we know not what another's journey is. Only to remember that we each have our own. And somedays, a simple guesture can genuinely affect how another faces the day. Thank you, Charyl, for sharing.