Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"Just Thinking About Math"

I couldn't write about some of the many special people in my life without including a story about one of my boys. John Paul is turning seven (How did that happen?!) next month. He is quite the thinker. His questions and thirst for knowledge both entertain us and scare us.

One day a few weeks ago, John Paul and I were in the car. He was being rather quiet, which is also rather unusual. So I glance in the rearview mirror a couple of times. He is gazing out the window, deep in thought. Finally I ask him if everything is okay. Then I ask what he's thinking about. His reply: "Just thinking about math."

Okay. He was silent for the next twenty minutes.

So kudos to his teacher, Miss Vogel, who has apparently made math an exciting and engaging subject.

Just thinking about math. Oh, John Paul......

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