Thursday, June 18, 2009


Sally has wanted to update the blog but feeling tired. everybody is fine and just trying to adjust to a new lifestyle. She is doing good and will update soon.


Katy said...

That is good news. Thanks for the update! Our prayers continue.

Phyllis Messner said...

we have been checking your blog regularly and we are so happy that you are home. get some rest and we hope to touch base soon.

love, Phyllis and jon

Paul & Gina said...

Hey Sally, Craig and Boys,

Gina and I will be in Spokane on the 10th. Hopefully we will be able to see one another.

Hugs all around.

P & G

Anonymous said...

yeah sally--so glad you are home!!!
want to hug you!!!!


Linda said...

Hi, Craig and Sally,

I hope things are going well. I'm anxious to see a current post. I check your blog regularly and I'm glad you are home.

Love, Linda