Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Disability Update

Well it looks like I may have won my fight. Not the way I wanted to, but won anyways.

I have received a letter from Social Security saying that their legal advisors have decided to approve me back to the original date I applied for and stated my disability began, November 2007. According to this document, this last appeal has been ruled "Fully Favorable" to me. This is, of course, fantastic news. The November 2007 date was so key to me for several reasons. First, it is when I was diagnosed with breast cancer and have had cancer ever since. Second, I have been unable to work at all during this time. Third, it means I will receive back pay in benefits to April, as there is a five month waiting period. Fourth, and perhpas most important, is that it is two years from the eligibility onset date that one is eligible for Medicare. This means that I will begin to receive Medicare in November of 2009, which is not that much further away. Medicare may allow me to drop the exorbinant WSHIP policy I just signed up for (read below).

Victory is sweet. I fought, and fought, and fought, and fought. But until I receive a new Award Letter, see it in writing, and receive the backpay funds, it's not a done deal for me. I have heard these magic words before, only to have it changed. But the big packet they sent me gives me hope that this is really it. And what a relief it would be!

I must tell you, however, that I have apparently been approved due to my depression rather than the fact that I have been battling breast cancer and leukemia. Yes, you read correctly. Again, it's like banging one's head against the wall. Here is a person with a black-and-white disease, who will die without a successful transplant, and I am not medically qualified. They do write in their decision that they agree that my medical condition prevents me from working, but it does not meet their standard for being medically unable to work. What the heck is that about?!

So, they move to the top of my list of the work to do after I am home and recovered. This is simply insane, intolerable and unacceptable. I sincerely hope for each and every one of you that life's circumstances never bring you to one of their offices in need of help.

I'll be back, Social Security........

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I cannot believe how screwed up beauracracy can be... That is really illogical and bizarre, but I'm glad they will compensate you for something at least... Ciao, Kelly (Book) Gehlhoff