Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Behavioral Health Update

Yes, I am still working on my "behavioral health". I can definitely say I am much "healthier" than I was a few months ago. I have been seeing my counselor usually every other week. I also continue to see the psychiatric nurse, usually each week. Her name is Tammy and she rocks!

I would add her to my list of blessings. She was the critical member of my "behavioral health team" who really helped me pull my head out of my butt. And still does.

Just for thought: When I started going "upstairs", the general reference to the "Behavioral Health" offices on the second floor of the medical facility, I saw an actual shrink, as in M.D. He does an intake, prescribes meds, then has you back for a med check. Interestingly, he is not utilized for therapy. I liked him though, and still appreciate his gentle invitation to stay at the hospital for awhile.

His nurse does what I would consider the counseling, along with other "counselors". So this is how I met Tammy. She and my counselor, Michael, have really helped me, in ways I simply don't know how to explain. I am now a real believer that if a person is ready and wants to do the work, counseling/therapy is worth it. Literally and figuratively.

(I guess I should add my general disclaimer that I only know what I see. There may be alot more going on "Upstairs" than I know. But it intrigues me that while I must pay my co-pay to see my counselor, Michael, Tammy's time apparently does not warrant one.)

Tammy has generously agreed to continue to provide support over the phone while I am in Seattle, and has even offered to be on standby should the boys need any behavioral health help while I am gone. Pretty cool.

All in all, I would say my behavior is much better.

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Nancy B said...

The Catholic church should come check out the proliferation of every day saints surrounding you and your family lately. It's simply amazing.