Friday, January 23, 2009

Transplant Preparations

It's a busy time here with all that needs to be done to get ready to leave for Seattle on February 7 for the transplant. And of course my Type A self feels like it all has to be done today, right now. It's an incredible undertaking trying to get all the ends tied up with SCCA, lodging, transportation, supplies needed, health insurance, my battle with Social Security, caregivers, childcare, house and per sitting, and basically stepping out of my life for months. I've also found that presumable because I have such little control in my life that I need to exert extra control where I can. Does that make sense? My counselor says it's pretty typical. Ah, to be normal!

I'll keep working on posting about topics that I receive questions about. Let me know if there is anything I forget or you want to hear about.

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