Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Heart Filled With Thanks

This year is perhaps the most profound Thanksgiving I will ever experience. Despite all the troubles, fears, stress, and unknown, I have a rather unique perspective of really being able to see what is important in the "big picture". And with that perspective comes an overwhelming sense of having been incredibly blessed in my life. I am truly a fortunate person for all that is in my life. I have the "things" that really matter to me.

It is so easy and so natural to focus on our hardships and what we feel we need. Sometimes, I am so caught up on all that I have lost or feel like I am losing that I forget to see what I have and have had.

Tomorrow my family will join my best friend and her parents and Grandpa for Thanksgiving, as we have for many years. As grace is said before dinner, I will fully be grateful to be there. I will thank the Lord for giving me this life and all the wonder that has come with it. I have never been as thankful and grateful before in my life.

To you, my family and friends, and readers as well, Happy Thanksgiving. Embrace it, feel it, live it.

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