Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Robertson Family Update

I'm a bit behind in posting, as much has been going on. There has been the recouperation from the failed chemo and a stomach bug (Yes, I actually had a normal medical problem.) that have kept me running slow. I have a couple of things to talk about so I'll use a couple of separate posts.

Our family recently enjoyed the company of both my Mom and my Godmother, Denise. They arrived the same day, with my Mom staying five days and my Godmother for ten. It went far too fast! First off, I want to share with you my pride in my mother traveling alone. It was a scary endeavor and I am so grateful that she was so motivated to do it. Because of her health and mine, I am particularly grateful for every minute with her. Denise has been my Mom's best friend from long before I was born. So the three of us getting to have that time together was important to us all.

Of course, both came bearing gifts for the boys. And my Mommy bought me a pair of Uggs. I had coveted them for so long and at last, they are mine. Craig was secretly hoping for Guitar Hero but it wasn't meant to be... Denise also brought me a terrific new lounge outfit. As you can imagine, this is my predominant wardrobe right now.

We were spoiled by the yummy lunches out and the homecooked meals in the evening. And their help with taking care of me and the boys gave Craig some much needed and deserved time off. For me, one of the best parts was just to have company, escpecially adult company. Sometimes I feel like I live in isolation.

They were here to enjoy the boys dressing up for a neighbor's Halloween Party. The Spiderman mask of Brennan's costume was way to small. Even after cutting the eye slots much larger, it still smooshed his eyes. So they watch as non-artistic me drew it on his face (Yes, with washable marker). They also particpated in pumpkin carving, the same way I did, by watching from the table as Craig, Jenny, John Paul, and Brennan did the work. Big kudos to Jenny who was stuck working on Brennan's, consisting of many circular parts.

The kids had also had a special date with Kathy Jones, our dear friend and Craig's coworker. She picked them up for a day at Greenbluff and searching for the perfect pumpkins. They were some rather unique ones that they brough home.

Denise and Craig took the boys trick-or-treating. Boy did they make out! Craig is set for awhile.

It was hard to say goodbye to both of them. I have been very lucky in life to have a loving mother, who has amazing stregth and determination, and a strong life-long realtionship with my Godmother, a very loving and kind woman herself.

I am including some pictures. These were happy days.

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