Friday, November 14, 2008

Seattle Housing Issues-Answers to Your Questions

I have had many questions about what the deal is about having to stay in Seattle for approximately four months if I do get the transplant. I have even had very kind offers to help with housing issues.

Unfortunately, until I have the money for the transplant and then have dates for my transplant, there is little I can do to work on this aspect right now. There are many options available through the Housing Information Packet I received from Fred Hutch. There are furnished apartments, long term stay hotels, hotels with suites, and even private apartments which are offerred at reduced rates to Fred Hutch patients. But since I don't know dates, I have backburnered this whole thing. Obviously, it is too soon to work on it because they wouldn't know their availability until I know when I would be there.

The essential requirement regarding Seattle housing is that it must be within 15 minutes, including traffic, to both Fred Hutch and the UW Hospital.

The only other "requirement" is that it must be able to accomodate both me and my caregiver. It would be preferable if whoever my caregiver is (That is an entirely different obstacle I must deal with when it's time) that they could have his/her own bed. Since Craig will not be able to come with me and because I will be pretty sick while I am recovering, separate sleeping spaces would be ideal.

Thank you to all of you who have offered help with this obstacle. But until I have dates, there is really no way for me to start making plans. I'll keep you posted!

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