Friday, November 14, 2008

Administration of My Blog-Your Questions Answered

A number of people have asked who manages my blog, from who writes the posts, to who enters the donor names, and who updates the fundraising progress thermometer. It's all me. So please forgive me if it takes some time to get things updated. It is not a lack of appreciation but the simple logistics of doing it myself. Some days just aren't as good as others for me.

Please also know that there is a lag between when donations are received and my receiving the information. When checks are received by the bank, they mail me the information regarding who the donations are from. So it takes a few days before I receive that information. So the progress thermometer reflects the balance I see by checking the Benefit Account account balance online.

Likewise, when someone donates via PayPal, I must then request a transfer of those funds into the Benefit Account. It doesn't just go automatically.

A few people have worried that perhaps their donation was not received because their donation hasn't been posted on the list of donors. I have found that they do get deposited but it just takes some time for the bank to notify me. I also wait for a few deposits to accumualte in the PayPal account before transferring the balance. So this also delays by a few days what the thermometer accurately reflects.

The good news is that donations are still coming in!

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