Sunday, November 9, 2008

Fundraising News

I could never have known how all of you would respond to my "A Little From A Lot" fundraising campaign. So many of you have contributed. So many of you have passed my message along to your own email distribution lists and to groups or organizations in which you belong. My message is literally circling this country, sometimes even the same person twice from different sources. Thank you for doing this for me.

Not only is money being raised, it has given me several opportunities to reconnect with people whith whom I had essentially fallen out of touch with. I have also received many notes of encoragement both sent directly to me and from notes included in donation envelopes mailed to the bank. I have met many new people who you have brought into my life. Several people who have specific knowledge in fields related to my battle have reached out to me to offer their input and ideas. So the results far surpass fundraising alone.

But it is incredible! The way people, family, friends, and strangers have stood up to actively support me in reaching the monetary requirements to get the transplant. I have received donations from $2 to $10,000. Are you amazed? I am.

The generosity of others has inspired me and definitely renewed my belief that this all may be possible. Thank you, again.

Donations are coming from around the country and even one from Europe. How cool is that?!

My highschool class, The Norman Tigers of '88, received an email of my sitauation and many have reached out to help. How cool is that, especially after what a snob I was?!

I even received a donation from a man who I don't know who he himself awaits a liver transplant. He also took the time to write a note to empathize with my battle with Disability. He too was denied and denied but after hiring an attorney finally was approved.

I have had the offer of a very sizeable loan in the event that it would make a difference. It blows my mind that someone who I don't even know would be willing to offer something of that magnitude.

I have had several offers of potential housing solutions for my stay in Seattle.(I will write more on this topic later.)

I think sometimes we see so much of the not-so-great in the world that we forget about all the good. I can tell you first hand that there remains a great deal of good in this world. I am lucky to have this unique view of it.

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Anonymous said...

Sally, It has been a while since we talked. I hope you are doing well under your circumstances. We are doing our best to get tou the money you need and I will do whatever it takes to help you make this happen. take care. our thoughts and prayers are with you. Danny and Colleen