Monday, December 1, 2008

Writing Backwards

It has been not only quite a while since I have written but alot has happened in that time. Even as I wrote the last time, there was quite a bit going on but that I wasn't ready to write about and share. So now I find myself trying to write about things my peabrain memory can barely recall!

Because my writings are posted in chronological order, you first read the latest info before the first info. So bare with me as I write backwards so it reads forewards. And it seems I am already not making sense. Look at the dates and times on the posts and hopefully you'll understand what I mean.

Okay, we are in trouble.
1. I am already rambling.
2. I am already not making sense.
3. If you are involved in anything I write, please correct me when I get confused.

Oh yeah, welcome back to Sally Land.

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