Monday, December 15, 2008

When Sally Met The Media: Part 2

I received an unexpected call last week from the reporter who had done my original television interview in November. She said she was calling to follow up, find out how I am doing, and ask if they could do a feel-good follow-up story. I agreed to do it if it was in fact a feel-good follow-up story, with the focus on organ donation and that I have a donor out there who may save my life. No negatives, no health insurance issues.

If you didn't see the story, I'll post it to the right by the original stories. Watch it and see what you take from it.

I just want to make clear that it was Seattle Cancer Care Alliance that was requiring the large amount of money upfront, not the health insurance company. Also, I am grateful for the news story opening doors for me in that I was able to speak with people to gather information and ask qusetions that I likely otherwise would not have had access to. But I don't want to become a news story to "stir the pot".

Please don't think that the larger issue of cost vs. coverage is gone. It hasn't gone away for me or for others. The reporter is very accurate that I still intend to form a Foundation when I am well again. There is much to be done to help patients navigate the business side of medicine.

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