Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Truck-A-Thon.... Who Knew?!

I have had a Truck-A-Thon in my honor! How many people can say that?

My mother-in law's sister and husband, Danny and Colleen Rittinger of Galloway, Ohio, organized and held the fundraiser. Danny is a truck driver and they asked many of their friends and professional contacts to pledge a dollar amount for every mile he drove during a specific week. While Danny was trucking up and down the I-75 corridor between Ohio and Florida, their efforts and the generous support of their donors raised $4,000 for the A Little For a Lot fundraising campaign! That is super cool!

In addition to holding a fundraising event, they have also been working hard on my behalf and indirectly many others out there with situations similar to mine, by contacting Congress members, governors, and others to raise awareness of the gaps in what health insurance companies cover versus what transplants actually cost.

Many thanks, Danny and Colleen, for reaching out and supporting our family as part of your extended family. And I just think it's so cool that I have had a Truck-A-Thon!!

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