Monday, December 15, 2008

Transplant Progress/Health Update

What's going on with the transplant? I don't really know! As my Donor Search Coordinator told me last week, it's a lot of hurry up and wait. What I do know is that of the 994 full potential matches, 14 have been identified of having a match of at least 8 of 10 points. (There could be more, but only 14 have been tested to the 8 points). So now those donors will be contacted to see if they are still willing and able and if so, to schedule secondary testing.

In the meantime, my mom is being sampled for some DNA information and I am off to the lab today for a special 7 vial lab draw for further typing.(Did I mention it is now 5 degrees here?).

Other than that, my chemo dosage has been tripled to 1500mg per day, plus the other plethera of meds. I go to the oncologist weekly to basically get my labs and discouraging news. Okay, the bad attitude is creeping out, but sometimes I get tired of paying money to find out that nothing is working. (My counts got a little worse despite the increase in chemo doseage). Anyways, I imagine this should pretty much be how it goes until I go to Seattle. My weekly visit is tomorrow, so perhaps there will be something different this week.

I continue to visit with my friends in behavioral health. They say I am much more normal now.

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