Friday, December 5, 2008

Just Tired

Instead of running from it, like usual, I have decided to be honest with myself and with you. I am running out of steam. Each night I plan for the next day to be the day that I get caught up. I am simply not able to do that anymore.

I have regret that I have not returned calls, looked at email, updated my site, written thank you's to my donors, cleaned house, made dinner, etc. Today I admit that I have precious little energy and not enough to be on top of things like I used to be.

From this day forward, I will do what I can about the long "To Do" List that seems to grow longer daily. But I am going to give myself permission to let it go. I am increasingly aware of the ticking clock as the days between now and the transplant grow shorter. And the energy that I have in those days I will direct towards my family. Whether it's making memories or recalling memories, participating or watching, being a mom and a wife and a friend and a daughter is how I choose to spend this time.

I know you will understand this, especially those of you with me from the beginning.

Thank you to each and evry one of you who read this site. Thank you to all of you who pray for me. Thank you to all of you who have donated to my fund.

I'm going to rest. You'll still hear from me. Don't worry about that! And this is not a "goodbye", just a "why". Take care and talk to you soon.

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