Monday, December 15, 2008

John Paul's 6th Birthday Party

John Paul turns six December 20th! We celebrated with a super fun party at the Spokane Valley YMCA last Saturday. John Paul and his friends climbed the rock wall (okay, so some of the kids, including John Paul, were not quite ready for that), played basketball, and went swimming. They took a break for snacks and birthday cake. I think everyone has a good time and John Paul felt really special that all his friends were there to hang out with him.

Craig and I were very grateful for all the parents who braved our horrible weather to bring their kids to the party. Not only is turning six an inherently big deal, but this year it seems especially important to us that we celebrate the joys when we can. So the party downsizing was safe for an extra year....

To the right you can view a slideshow of photos if you like (just figured out how to do this feature). If I figure out how to post video, I'll add some from the kids swimming and going down the big slide.

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