Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Little from a Lot Campaign Update

Watch it go!!! It's working! As I write, the Sally Robertson Benefit Fund totals over $19,000. And I have more donations to deposit today. THANK YOU to everyone who has already contributed. I am in awe of the generosity and support I am receiving. In addition to those of you who have donated, many more have pledged. And many of you have forwarded my message on to your own email distribution lists. I have received many contributions from people who I don't know personally, but you, my family and friends, have brought into my world. Thank you for helping me build my team and my future.

I have learned that I won't always know who the individuals are who mail checks to the bank or make cash deposits into my fund. So those of you who I haven't been able to personally thank, THANK YOU!

I am really starting to believe that $1 at a time, my goal of $210,000 is really possible. While my heart still breaks at having to ask for help, I have gained exponentially by knowing, really knowing, that people care. And not just people who know me personally. But people who once made aware of my situation and the gap between what insurance covers and what a transplant actually costs, are willing to help a stranger close that gap. Incredible.

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Ziggy said...

Praise God!!! That is amazing!