Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Craig's Story, As Told by Me

Let's get one thing clear: I imagine Craig might tell you his story differently than I. But since he doesn't have a blog, I get to tell it my way....

Craig continues to amaze me with his ability to do it all. It has taken a great deal of time, energy, patience, and determination to keep this family running. His life is full of double-duty and over-time.

In addition to having to deal with my problems, his heart and mind have also been heavy with his father's recent cancer diagnosis and subsequent surgery. He has much wanted to be there for him (Las Vegas) but for a number of reasons it has not been possible yet. We are hoping to get him down there for a long weekend towards the end of the month when my Godmother, Denise, is here.

His Grandma Kate is in decline. This may be more expected due to advanced age, yet it is still difficult and another way that illnesses and disease are affecting his life.

Then, of course, he spends 10 hours a day at work treating people with illnesses, diseases, complaints, bitching rants, etc. Thank goodness some people go to the doctor for just a physical or check up!

The new Rockwood Clinic Quail Run is open and the office has moved. To his dismay, Craig must now commute an extra eight minutes to the office! It is a beautiful clinic and much ado has been made of it. It is difficult, however, in some ways to see all the money spent on the prototype facility while everyone is hurting so much economically. Then again, they didn't know how things would be in the country when they started building it.

His office is still next to the principal's, so he is managaing to keep out of some trouble. His friends at work have been remarkable in their continued support. In fact, his coworker Kathy Jones created a Birthday Eve party, which took place in our driveway and garage. Somehow much of our lives seem to happen out there.... Anyways, it was good fun, a little crazy, and a nice surprise as we weren't in a fincial position to do much to celebrate this year. I'll post a couple pics, one clearly showing what he feels about turning another year older.

Much to his disappointment, fishing season is closed. That was one of the few escapes he had this summer. The good news is that hunting season is on the way. In the meantime, he continues to play with the neighborhood kids. He is actually quite popular.

I'm adding another couple of pics to amuse you. One is of his "attack", along with our neighbor and friend Mark Lenz, on the bees that had been invading our house. Apparently it was great fun as he got to use raquets, electric zappers, chemicals, water, and who knows what else. Any win is a win.....

Now, since it is my blog and he rarely reads it, I am also posting a picture I really love of him in the bath with Brennan and John Paul standing by. Don't worry, nothing is exposed.

Hope you enjoy, and thank you for your continued support and recognition of how well he is doing with such a full plate. He needs those kudos!

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