Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Great News!

You may notice to the right that I added a permanent feature to my site: The GREAT news that there are 994 potential full mtaches already registered! Can you believe it??!! Waiting to find out, I kept going back to the conversation at the Fred Hutch about there could be 3, there could be 1,000. Quoting Dr. Radich, my transplant doctor, "Bingo!".

Obstacle 1 jumped and cleared!

Since I am not totally sure about what happens next and how long it takes, I will let you know once I find out. From my basic understanding, I think they contact the potential matches nearest me, screen them to see if they are still eligibile, ask them to undergo additional testing (I think by blood draw at this stage) and most importantly, confirm they are still willing to be a donor.

I am still in shock! It' wonderful to have such good news!


Mia Davidson said...

I'm so happy for you Sally, you deserve some good news!

Chris Minerd said...

That is Super!!!
Hang in there girl.Thats some good news to hold on to.