Wednesday, October 15, 2008

God Is Good

God is good. Always has been, always will be.

The Lord works in mysterious ways.... Isn't that the truth? Don't you wish you knew what He has in store for you? Wouldn't it be easier to know His plans?

The Bible has many, many examples of how Jesus healed. Healing, miracles are possible. They have happened. They do happen. But who gets them? Who doesn't? Am I asking the right way? Praying the right way? What if I don't get healed? What does that mean?

I don't know. But God does.

I have many times been asked why I am not angry at God. It's pretty easy to answer. The God I know doesn't assign cancer. Distribute car crashes. Or break legs. Stuff happens. We live in an imperfect world.

What God does do is remind us of who we are. That we were created to be a part of this world and the next. He gave his Son for us to have this crazy thing we call life. He challenges us to do our best and to check ourselves regularly.

No one said life would be easy. But He did promise to always be there for us. We may not need Him so much when things are going well. But He celebrates with us when things are and comforts us when things turn for the worse. His strength may be silent but I think that if you allow yourself to really be silent, you can hear Him roar!

I have grown a great deal spiritually. I would definietly say it is one of the gifts that I have received. There are a few people in particular I would like to thank for helping me find my way: Craig Phillips, Joyce Stitt, and Susan Brudnicki. The three of you have reached me. You helped me make sense of things I didn't know how to sort out on my own. You reminded me I had never really been alone at all.


brandy said...

Sally, you are absolutely correct. He can help you see your way through anything...keep fighting. Love you!!

Stephenie Hines said...

I don't know you personally, but I have been praying for you since I heard about your illness a month or so ago. We think that things are bad, but really have no idea what life can hand us. You are a fighter and it sounds like you have spent time with God contemplating the many trials you are facing. There is no reason, but there is hope and I will continue to pray that you will keep up the courage to be the child that God created and the warrior that life has molded you into. God Bless!

Angie said...

You've got it exactly right! God is with us in all situations when we stop running and turn to Him. David and I pray for His will to be done. You're a fighter and an inspiration!
God Bless,
Angie Wood

Ziggy said...

Sally - We've never met, but you are in my prayers as well as the prayers of many of my family members, friends, coworkers and church family.

I loved this blog. And it's so true - God IS Good. He always has been and he always will be. Just because our limited perspective does not allow us to see the big picture, the rhyme or reason for the hard things in our life, that doesn't in any way diminish God's goodness.

Stay strong, sister! You are touching more lives than you will ever know. In your pain, frustration, sadness and fear - you are human. In your strength, hope, faith & perseverance, you are extraordinary! Don't be afraid to be either... Many blessings to you and yours.