Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Brennan's Update

Hooray! The second cast has been off for a few weeks now and things are going well. His gait continues to improve and he is slowly returning to being a crazy three year old. He spends his days at the daycare across the street and has made a new friend, Jack. They are good buddies.

He is making progress towards potty training and has been told we will buy no more diapers. What pressure! But he is getting more interested in going to preschool, where he must be potty-trained to begin. Wish us all well as the diaper supply dwindles.....

He has developed a real hatred of bedtime. It is challenging us! We know he needs the extra love and attention but we also need to go to sleep!

Other than the above, he is doing well and still cuddly. Thank goodness that hasn't passed yet!

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