Friday, September 17, 2010

Back to School

Holy smokes! John Paul has just started the second grade and Brennan is in Kindergarten! It genuinely doesn't seem possible. I have lost so much time from being sick that it literally doesn't seem possible. Especially regarding B. In my mind he is still a toddler, the little guy I knew so well before I was sick. Life has tricked me....he is now in his uniform and off to all-day school.

Last night was Back to School Night. The principal gives an overview of the school, different programs, enrollment data, and the school finances. All Saints remains blessed by the many generous supporters who ensure that we are not just getting by but that each year some aspect of the school receives some major overhauls.

We also have parishes and families that ensure that all children seeking a Catholic education will receive one. No child is ever turned away due to finances. Now that is amazing. How blessed we are!

Okay, okay, I know what you really want to see and hear about are the boys. so here goes:

We got up ontime, remembered to bring everything we were supposed to, remembered to eat breakfast, and still had some time at home to take some pics. I kept staring at Brennan, thinking, "Why is he wearing John Paul"s uniform?" And I marveled at how handsome and grown up they both are. I am a proud Mama!

We made it to school on time and John Paul, Craig, and i got Brennan to his classroom. He was so shy! It amazed me when as a parent you are just sure how your child will act. And the you get the opposite! He has the incredible Mrs. Thielman as his first grade teacher. John Paul was in her class two years ago. She and her husband, and their dog Ruby, had so graciously brought the boys over to Seattle to see me during Spring Break. So she is a familiar face and person, which helps. She wisely placed his seat near her desk..... Suddenly, he decided it was time for us to go, and off we went!

John Paul also has a wonderful teacher, Mrs. Eber. We have heard only positive things about her and he was pleased that he was placed in her class. Now going to his room was a bit different. Once we found his spot, his backpack hook, and where to put his lunchpack, we were told we should go. Really?? In second grade? He is excited that he sits with his buddies. Craig and I wonder how long that will last.....

In another post I will share about how school is going, but the high deman for first day pictures and info demanded this be done first! And for a change it is a nice, positive topic and post!


Sidne Gail said...

What great photos! They're both so adorable. Thank you so much for sharing.

brandy corbin said...

Wow, they are getting so big and handsome! Love the pictures.

Denise Poth said...

Thanks, Sally, for the great photos. You all look wonderful and happy. So good to see.

Adrienne said...

Omg! They are sooo big! It looks like Brennan is catching up to John Paul. You all look great! And yes I mean it!