Monday, February 1, 2010

Residual Breast Tissue Lumps

So when I went to my GYN appointment for the regularly scheduled colpo, I mentioned to my doctor (Highly recommend him: Dr. Shawn Barrong at Northwest OBGYN. His nurse, Denise, also rocks! They delivered both my beautiful boys.) that I was feeling some lumps where my original breast cancer was. My theory was that I had lost so much weight that I was feeling scar tissue that had always been there but that I just couldn't feel.

His response after palpating the area was that I should go back to my surgeon. He, unfortunately, retired last year (Dr. Cammack, I will always be a fan!). So Dr. Barrong ordered an ultrasound. My busy schedule over the next few days (yes, really) resulted in my having it done mid-week the next week. I lucked out and got a breast imaging specialist, who said he did not think it was scar tissue or fat. Frankly he didn't know what it was. But with my history, blah, blah, blah, I should just get the nodules taken out.

So, back to the Oncology Sort of Afternoon, the doctor says I should go see Dr. Martinez, a Breast Surgeon, and that she will call and get me in. Less that 48 hours later, I am in a huge, albeit nifty, robe at my new surgeon's office. We agreed that it's better to just get the nodules out, whatever they are. They will need to come out before reconstruction surgery regardless.

Surgery is this Friday, February 5. Ugh.

I am going to skip my feelings about all this for now, but basically I am disgusted. Perhaps I will feel more expressive later.

So now I am to begin all the preparations that need to take place. I kind of have developed my own "Getting Ready for Medical Crisis" checklist, from grocery shopping to changing linens, to school rides and more. Thank you, in advance, to all of you who will undoubtedly be there to help us out once again.

Craig and I know the drill. We have told the boys that it is a surgery to help get ready for my new boobs. They think it's funny......

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Denise said...

Wonder when all of this is going to end for you. You have a good spirit, Sally. Love you!