Saturday, February 13, 2010

And That Was Only Thursday....

Why not get all the suffering done at one time? So the day after my BMB, I had surgery. Long story short, I had found some nodules next to my mastectomy scar, in the area my original breast cancer was. A couple of doctor appointments and an uncertain ultrasound later, I was headed off to have the nodules removed.

The surgery time was pushed back several times, but late Friday afternoon my breast surgeon (kind of weird when one no longer has breasts) created a new incision and removed the nodules. Unlike the day before, they had the meds to push my blood pressure up and I remember none of it and escaped the apin. Thank You Dr. Anesthesiologist!

Again, after the requesite juice, toast, pee, and IV removal, I was on my way. No pain at all. Until all the local wore off a few hours later...

Lots of ice packs and a couple of pain pills over the next few days. But they were good days and worth not following doctors orders to take it easy, right?

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