Monday, February 15, 2010

The Medical Issues of Others in The Robertson Household

I will be writing soon about others in my life. It just has taken awhile to update you on my issues from the past two plus weeks, and I am not yet done! So here is a break from reading about me.....

John Paul's nosebleeds continue to be a problem. He's seen our PCP (you rock yet again, Dr. LaSalle) a couple of times about this. She has recommended, and we have done, all the standard efforts to reduce his bloody nose frequency. They did become less frequent for awhile, then returned with a vengence in mid-January. Dr. LaSalle had recommened that if the frequency spead up again that we get a CBC (Complete Blood Count) to see if that gave us any clues. This, of course, was something I did not want to do. A blood draw is naturally terrifing for a 7 year-old. I also had an irrational fear that it would show he had leukemia (even though my leakemia is not hereditary. But doctors had told me that the chances of either of my children inheriting Factor V Leiden from me was slim to none, and that both getting was almost statistically improbable, and they both did). But after a four inch clot came out one morning, I threw in the towel and told myself to get a grip on my fears and do what needed to be done for my son.

He was a trooper at the blood draw but scared none the less. Children naturally fear if they lose blood or blood is taken that they will not have enough blood left in their body. Oh, it hurts to see your child in fear and hurts a little more to know that your decision as a parent caused it.

We did it last Thursday so the results were in when I saw my PCP on Friday. Much to my relief, nothing was terribly askew and nothing hinted of leakemia. So next is an ENT, who he will see next week. Poor baby.....

Then there is our dog, Lucky. When we got home from our overnight in Idaho two weeks ago (read on for details), we has really limping. By the next day he could put no weight on his left hind leg. Once again I threw in the towel and took him to the vet. (Going to the vet always signals a big bill in my mind.) $150 later I am told he has either torn or blown his ACL. For a small fee of $450 we could get x-rays to confirm that. Then start meds, then repeat $450 x-ray series. Then most likely a $3000 surgery. They graciously allowed me to skip x-rays and start meds then come back for a re-check. For the next two weeks to come, Lucky needed his meds twice a day, had to stay inside, must go out on a leash to do his business, and could not run, jump, play, etc. At least I have made it through the first week and he does seem somewhat better.

Our cat, Pepper, also has a chronic problem. I won't bore you with the whole story but I threw that towel in the next day. We only get charged for a re-check but she now needs a special compound medication. It is ready the next day at the compound pharmacy. I am sure there is a mistake when I pick it up. Nope. But she doesn't get much better so I am to pick up a new compound medicine for her tomorrow.

So much medical crap easily rocks the stability in a family. So I am literally praying for everyone in my family regarding their treatments and follow-ups. If you have time, please throw in a quick one when you pray. The edge is within view.....

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