Monday, March 9, 2009

Nothing new

Well, nothing new to report. She is still having nausea and giving some meds to control that which makes her droggy. She is starting to get mouth and belly pain which is to be expected. It's a reaction to the chemo. Otherwise sleeping when we can and wishing for sunshine here in Seattle.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the updates, Craig. It helps alot to get them.

Thinking about you all each day and sending good thoughts and prayers your way.

Please say hello to Jan and Galen for me. And tell the boys hello for me when you next talk to them.

Love, anne

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the udates!
Happy New Birthday Sally!

I wish I was closer, so I could vist---but you are close in my heart!!!
Keep on truckin gypsy girl----strong and noble.
Hugs to you

Anonymous said...

Sallie --

You are such a brave hero! We've never met, but I've been thinking of you soooo much. You are in my prayers.

Godspeed to you.


Anne McGonigle