Friday, March 6, 2009

cell day

Hello, O.K. I'm a day late on the update but actually nothing really to comment on yesterday. Thursday was a day of rest. In other words, no chemo and sleep. She's doing well besides the nausea. Her parents came in on Wed. We hosted a "new" birthday party today for her. she was pleased as you can tell by the pics. She will get the new cells/marrow tonight around 8:30. Then after that we sit and wait for the blood counts to rise. the chemo of course kills all white and red cells. so after the transplant, we wait to see if it takes. Kids are doing great so hats of to the Sauberan's for keeping that off the worry list. I sent out a text earlier just to let everybody in my phone with the correct number an update.

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Katy Powers said...

Thank you for the updates, Craig. It means so much to know what is going on, especially here, so far away in Norman. Please let Sally know that I am thinking of her continually. Wish I could be closer.

Love to you, Sally, John Paul, and Brennan.

Katy Powers