Monday, March 16, 2009


Hello everyone,
Today is day nine since it's day nine after transplant. Its how they keep track during her 3 week stay. She has had alot of mouth, throat and stomach pain. It is to be expected due to the chemo.
As far as new events. She has found Maury Povich on T.V. to help pass the time. If you have spare time, it is a funny show.
Jan and Galen left yesterday and got home safely. I think they missed the 70+ weather. Seattle in March is a little different than Arizona.
Brennan and John Paul went to Leavenworth, WA with the Sauberans. Its a small town with Bavarian heritage and still looks like its homeland. Of couse Sally and I haven't beent here yet.
Its difficult to keep busy in a room for 3 weeks. Thank God for internet. Otherwise nothing else new which is good news.

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Anonymous said...

Hang in there! Feel the love from all of us who are wishing you well and praying for you and your family.