Friday, March 27, 2009

going to apartment

today her counts have gone up to 480. eating, taking meds and keeping it down. She is doing well and the team agreed to send her to the apartment. yeah ha. she will still need an i.v. a day in the apartment that i get to do but hey, something to do. She plans on sending out an email to everyone in a few days. thanks again for all your thoughts and prayers.


Chris Minerd said...

Alright Sally!!!
congradulations....Keep on doing what your doing and before you know it your be home here pretty quickly. Hugs, Chris

Anonymous said...

Way to go Team Roberston!!! You guys are amazing! Keep up the good work! With much love, Barbara Ann

brandy corbin said...

There are not enough words to express how extremely happy to read the last blog. I am so proud of your family. How strong and devoted you are. Keep the fight going and thank God there are people out there like your donor. Hugs to you all. Love Always,
Brandy, Mike and Jackson

Anonymous said...

Fantastic news Sally and Craig!! Love, anne

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear that things are going well!! I found this blog yesterday at 10pm and I have just now made it to this post. I have laughed, cried and been really pissed in the last couple of hours reading threw the struggles that your family is going threw. I want you to know that I am praying for you to continue getting well, and I have been praying for you even before I found the blog. Craig, we I have been thinking lots about you and the boys. We miss you at the office. My kids asked why they couldn't see the nice, funny guy last time we were in. LOL I will be a loyal follower now and I am here if you need anyting!!!

Hugs, Candace Ruetsch (debb's niece) Phil, Quinton, Braxton and Caitlynn

Angie said...

What a fantastic event! So happy for you and your family! Keep fighting and continue to feel better. You are an inspiration to so many.

We love you,
David, Angie & Zoe