Thursday, March 19, 2009

counts are here

Hello everybody,
Well today was a big suprise in a terrific way. The "Team" of doctors and of course P.A.s who do the rounds in the morning notified Sally that she actually has started to show counts. For those of you wanting to know what counts are----they are white blood cells (WBC).
the chemo destroys all marrow which of course makes WBCs. The donor marrow settles in and starts to make cells and one kind are WBC. Now although it is a terrific sign, they wont consider her engrafted until she reaches a count of 500. she is at 30. The team expects it to reach the mark of 500 in a few days.
Sally commented on that her mouth and throat feel alot better and is the first time that the body is starting to fight back.
She still is on everything under the sun I.V. and still has a week in the hospital if everything continues to improve.
Included are a few pictures i took. One picture is the chair that i've spent many house sitting in. Another is the weather channel that she was watching. Spend enough time in a room feeling like garbage and even the wetaher channel becomes exciting. Another is of the case of diet coke hidden behind the chair. And oh ya, Gonzaga plays today so theres my plug for them.


Debb Wright said...

Craig & Sally, I have been thinking of you everyday. We are sending hugs & prayers your way. Stay strong, Debb, Larry, Alex & Alison. My Mom Joyce sends hugs too!

Debb Wright said...

Craig, it was nice to see your pictures and read your's the ole Craig I remember. Loved it! Debb

brandy corbin said...

That is great news!! Keep fighting and that "500 count" will come. Many more prayers are heading your way!! Love you.
Brandy, Mike and Jackson

And Craig thanks for all the's a relief to know rather than wonder....

Angie said...

Yay!!! Great news to hear there is a count at all. Come on 500, we want to see you ASAP... and to know she is feeling less discomfort is awesome too. God is so good! Praise Him! Many more prayers. Please stay strong and fighting, even when it is far too painful.

All our love,
David, Angie and Zoe

Anonymous said...

Awesome. And GU won. What an uplifting day!

Anonymous said...

Good job with the blog, Craig! And Sally, keep your head up, try to relax, and just know good things are coming your way!