Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Donor Wants to Know Me

Last March 6 marked the second anniversary of my bone marrow transplant. In addition to being a reason to celebrate being alive, it also meant that my donor and I could seek out information on the other. If the donor is in the United States, contact is allowed at the one year anniversary point. Because my donor is in Germany, international donors must wait two years.

So right on the date I received a letter from the Unrelated Donor Coordinator at Seattle Cancer Care that my donor had requested my information. That was pretty cool. Not only that he hadn't forgotten, but that it was he who took the initiative and clearly was anxious to do so. Well, as excited and flattered as I was, the letter (simply requiring my authorization to release my information to him) has been sitting in a special place ever since.

I finally completed the form, which includes things like address, phone number, age, and marital status and mailed it back to the Coordinator. From there I really don't know what happens, other than that my information goes back to my now twenty year old donor.

I am nervous, for so many reasons. What if he wanted to save a child's life? What if he is insulted I waited so long to return the form? What if he thinks I am 100% better? Will he be hurt I didn't seek him out? What if the truth isn't the fantasy he went through the donation process for? I am so very worried he will be disappointed.

Another wait and see.


Anonymous said...

My Friend, I think this is VERY cool. And, while I do understand your worries, "go with the flow", as they say. There is a reason for this new chapter to start.

brandy corbin said...

That is very exciting news! I would imagine if he has decided to be a donor, he would probably be happy to help anyone, young or old. Not saying you are old! lol
Love you friend!

Anonymous said...

Yes she made it past 40 it is on the OLD side of life :)

haligirll27 said...

I think it's exciting to think that after 2 years that he wants to know about you! I'm sure, that if he was willing to donate to someone that he didn't even know, that he wouldn't care who it went, agewise or any other. This is obviously a person who cares enough to want to make a differenece in someone's life. Also, this may end up being a special blessing for the both of you. : )

Anonymous said...

Hello Sally Robertson
how are you?
I'm fine.
About your letter I was very happy.
I'm not disappointed that you're not a child. :)
It was a great honor to donate my bone marrow for you.
I've tried to write you an email, unfortunately it did not work.
I am writing a letter soon.

Many greetings from Berchtesgaden, Germany

Your Florian Angerer.