Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fire Safety, Part II

Many of you may remember when John Paul, the microwave, and a Cup O'Noodles had an encounter, shortly after his first grade class had studied Fire Safety. If you remember it, you are probably laughing, or at least smiling, at the memory. Well, Brennan is now in first grade, and just finished his Fire Safety unit......

The picture simply doesn't do justice to the black right eye and the gouge next to it. Suffice it to say that when one practices "Stop, Drop and Roll", including the new instructions to use one's hands to cover the eyes, nose, and mouth to avoid smoke inhalation and irritation,that one cannot see where one is rolling. Ouch.

Both my boys have done me proud with their emergency preparedness. And I am tickled to have two "Stop, Drop, and Roll" memories and stories to tell.

John Paul was just jealous of my taking Brennan's picture and insisted that I take a silly one of him too.

I hope this made you smile.