Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall Sports

I seem to forget how busy Fall can be. Back to school and nightly homework are the basics. Then add on the boys' sports, and it is insane! Both John Paul and Brennan are playing soccer and flag football. Between them there is at least one practice every day after school and there are at least three games on Saturdays. Inevitably one game is at the same time as the other sport's game and simply can't be played.

It definitely takes two parents and two taxis to get everyone where they need to be. During the week Craig handles John Paul's soccer practices as he is also their coach. The rest are up to me and it is exhausting, even if I felt well. Saturdays are a bit manic but it always gets done.

Here is a picture from John Paul's football team's pose for the photographer doing the formal pictures. (Yes, it's a bit of a cheat. But we ordered pics too.)He is third from the left on the bottom row.

It remains to be seen which child will continue in which sport(s). But I remain amazed at how serious it all gets, even at the six and eight year old levels. Brennan seems to be the more aggresive on the field, really without any fear for what comes next.... John Paul is a good support player, assisting in plays but keeping away from direct conflict. Huh, sounds like their personalities off the field too!

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