Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Time Off

Knowing I would have my Mom and my Godmother Denise here this week, I limited doctor appointments, tests, procedures, related calls, and all other things medical to the extent possible. Alas, even with that effort, there are and will be a little spill into the visit. A couple calls to my cell from one doctor, an ultrasound, an MRI, a minor procedure...... You get the picture. This leads me to the main point of: How do I get a vacation from my body?

The answer to this question has been alluding me for a while. We all try to get little get-aways from our lives now and then. A weekend, an evening, a trip, company here for us, and so forth. I wish I could just step out of my body, leaving all its issues and problems behind and get away from myself. How do you do that? I mean this question in the most literal of senses. I want time off from being a professional patient and cancer survivor!

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