Monday, August 15, 2011

Good Luck?

As many of you know, I seem to have bad luck. Not that there is a cloud over me, but what can go wrong, often goes wrong. This fact has also been the source of great amusement to many of you, and me, because it just doesn't seem possible. But let me tell you: it is.....

So, I am on a run of good luck and that is pretty damn exciting! Because I am unused to having it, I find the it a startling and fun trend!

Here are a few highlights of cool things that have happened: 1. Up in the middle of the night, I wrote in, for the very first time, to a question posed to the viewers on CNN. And they put my comment on tv, noting "Sally, who is up early in Spokane, Washington...." Cool! 2. I actually won a gift card in the Albertsons' (a grocery store chain) monopoly-type game. Who actually ever wins on those? 3. Some of my weekly labs are trending up. (Some aren't.) But this is a first. 4. I was invited to go to Vegas for a few days with some friends. The dates had already been selected. And they coincide with dates I was there three years ago when I ran away after being diagnosed and told I would die. I leave Saturday for a little in-your-face trip.

Now, if I get lucky in Vegas, I will really have to start thinking about these new coincidences! But good things and surprises are always fun. I like it. I need it!


brandy corbin said...

Sally, I look at this blog at least 4 times a week, hoping to see maybe a tiny light towards the end of the tunnel. I know you still have a long haul, but this is awesome news. I think about you and your family often and pray for you often. I hope you have a wonderful time in Vegas and and win big! I love you like you were a sister!


Jessie said...

I love this!! Enjoy!!

sidne said...

Great news!

And, Vegas baby! Throw some dice for me!

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!! I am so happy for thee!!!
(I think it was the humming bird) Great to hear your voice my friend better to read happy stuff! As always, you are in my daily thoughts and prayers. And we all know, what happens in Vegas...stays in Vegas! Best of luck!

Katy said...

Sally, I am SO excited that you got to return to Vegas!!!! Can't wait for you to post some great stuff about the trip. I still think about meeting you out there, three years ago. It was such a special opportunity for me to be with you. Love you,