Monday, August 15, 2011

Good News! (Yes, REALLY!!)

It has occurred to me that the main reason I get anxious before certain doctor appointments is not because of what might happen to me there but rather what I might hear there. My Good News column is pretty sparse. My Status Quo and Not So Good News is a little heavier.

However, the seas parted and the light shone on me recently! My Infectious Disease doctor (Follows my immune system and vulnerability, gave me the AIDS analogy) called with awesome news: My immune system numbers have gone up! It's not something that one can control or do something or anything to boost, the numbers just are what they are. My new number is 439. Can you believe it??!! From 39 to 439! Holy cow!!I no longer have to worry about dying if the person next to me sneezes!

439 is a great improvement. He cautioned that what goes up can come back down, and that number is a measure of that day only. I am still a far way from the low end of normal andmy AIDS analogy has me as HIV+. Yet this is a huge shift. And I will take it! Take it and run!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on your new numbers!
Love Maria