Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Off and Running!

The school year is in full swing for Brennan and John Paul. And as most parents of school-age children will know, it is also Fundraising time!

Our first fundraiser of the year is the Fun Run. All grades, K-8, and the preschoolers on a separate track, dawn the designated class color and walk and/or run a course that totals a mile or so when done. This year students could also jump rope to count as their efforts. It is quite the sight to see, 421 students walking and running around the Middle Building course.

We had beautiful weather, great music, and treats served after for all the hard-working participants. John Paul really hustled! Brennan would hold back until he knew I could see him and then, shazam! He was off!

The boys (otherwise known as me) solicited flat pledges for participating. And I would say they earned it!

I have several more stories and updates about the boys. They certainly lighten the mood from such serious topics. So I will be intertwining the joys of my life with my serious musings and posts. How can you not smile at these beautiful faces?

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brandy corbin said...

Love your hair, you look great!!! Those boys are so handsome and getting so big! Thanks for the pictures.