Monday, October 18, 2010

Perhaps someone read a comment to one of my posts about their negative experience at Seattle Cacner Care Alliance/Fred Hutch. I want to publicly state that I agree to an extent about her observations.

The system works so that you see one person, then another, then someone else, and so on. It can be very difficult to create a genuine relationship when both the doctors and physician assistants (this is who you almost always see when you have a medical appointment) have their own rotation schedules. The patient is constantly told about the excellent continuity of imformation flow. And you have two separate sets of "teams", one at Clinic and one in the Hospital. It is not uncommon to have visiting doctors and staudents involved in the appointments and care. Some times you just feel like an educational tool for someone else.

I also agree that at times you are dealing with someone pompous. This is mostly the big dogs. However, they need us patients to continue their research and fund them. I think some of the doctors should stick just to research and not treat patients. Their strong and weak suits are painfully clear.

The person who wrote about her negative experience there also felt that the consult team was very dismissive. I can tell you that I was very interesting in Clinic before transplant. And I was very interesting the month I was in the Hospital getting the transplant and then building a baby step immune system. But not so much after discharge and going back to live in the special building, The Pete Gross House. I often felt "unheard". I have come to wonder what the SCCA mission is. They seem to treat the disease only. And there is so much more to me that a disease.

I could complain alot more about SCCA/Fred Hutch so maybe some time I will. Yet no matter what anyone thinks, it remains the best bone marrow transplant center in the world. So with that said, I guess the rest is trivial.

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