Friday, April 10, 2009

nothing new

Sorry for the delay in keeping up with the blog. Just got off the phone with her care taker and she is doing great. sleeping has been the key last few days. The headache is better and she saw the doctor a few days ago and thinks everything is going great.
Sally goes for bone marrow biopsy to look at the new cells in the marrow and make sure they are taking up residence and kicking the remaining old cells out. Good thing the schedule those on fridays so she can rest over the weekend. Those mothers hurt.

I'm back in Spokane for a few weeks, so the relay of information has somewhat of a delay.
The boys and I are doing great. We just got done cleaning up the house and getting settled again. Has taken us five days to accomplish catching up. Sally is good at that part, not I.


Adrienne said...

Happy Easter to you guys! I hope the Easter Bunny brought the boys everything they wanted!

PrescottSharon said...

Sally, PLEASE! No appologies are necessary. We are here for you, good and bad. You owe us nothing and we want you to focus on yourself and your family. We support you - however we are able - because we want the best for you and yours. Not because we want something in return. Take your time and be true to yourself. We are on your side; crying or celebrating, good news, no news, whatever. Let us support you, not visa versa. Hope you get some sleep tonight! Sharon & Gary