Thursday, April 16, 2009

Latest update


Sorry again for falling back a few days to update the blog. Thank you to everyone who has helped me back in spokane. Trying to catch up, maintain and get ahead with everything has been overwhelming.
Talked with my sister Casey, who is in Seattle playing caregiver till mid May this am. Sally is back in the hospital with alot of nausea and sickness. She is otherwise good, but when you cant take your meds, they put you back in to give them i.v. Sally will be getting a scope later today to evaluate for GVHD. Graft vs host disease. it is common and place her on steroids if that is what is causing the problems. GVHD is common for the first 3-4 months after translplant.
Sally does have a long history of nausea with meds. She is taking alot of them including pain meds etc which only makes it worst.

I expect to be getting a phone call later today and will post a quick upate later tonight.

And for those of you who have picked on me for my mispelled words, REVENGE is best when served cold.

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Barbara Ann Vilander said...


I can't spell for schit (sp?) :) so don't even give your spelling a second thought. I do, though, appreciate the updates. Please know that we're thinking of both you Klingons.


Barbara Ann